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360 Video

Spherical video or 360 video is a special digital video format that lets you visualize the entire field of view in 360 degrees around the recording point. It is recorded with several cameras (6 in our case) carefully arranged with a special system (Freedom360). The 6 recorded video streams are then stitched in a postproduction process and played with special viewers that allow you to choose freely the point of view. At Ábaco Digital, we are pioneers and specialists of renowned prestige in this field.

video 360: javea

First recording test with the underwater recording system Abyss.

video 360: acuario

Diving in the central tank of Zaragoza’s aquarium.

video 360: aneto

Ski Touring at Aneto’s glacier.

video 360: buceo

Another underwater recording in a pool.

video 360: formigal

Down the slopes of Formigal.

video 360: rafting2

Rafting in Rio Gállego, Huesca, Spain. Recorded with a Freedom360 Explorer mount.

video 360: riglos

Freefall jump in Riglos, Huesca, Spain.

video 360: rodellar

Climbing in Rodellar (Huesca, Spain).

video 360: esqui

Our first 360 video recording: skiing in the Pyrenees slopes, made in January 2013.

video 360: sobrarbe

Bird’s eye view of Sobrarbe. Flying in a gyroplane over the Mediano swamp and the Canyon of Entremón.

video 360: zaragoza

Urban tour in Zaragoza downtown on a segway.

video 360: zonazero

Mountain Bike in Zero Zone Pyrenees. Biking in a frozen river.


Freedom360 mount.


360 Photo

More than 15 years of experience and hundreds of projects accomplished guarantee the quality of our work. Our virtual reality spherical photographies always surprise by their quality and by the power of immersion that provides the user. Ideal for every project where you want to show the enviroment with the maximun fidelity allowing the user to walk around it.



Astún ski slope.


Zaragoza’s Fire-fighters.


Panoramic view of Zaragoza.


Pilar festivities concert.


Walk through the river Ebro.




Canyoning in river Formiga.


Ordesa National Park in winter.


Iguassu Falls.


Imaginarium Store - Madrid.


Biking in Juslibol Oxbow Lake.


Buñuel between two worlds, Mexico D.F.


Boltaña Barceló Hotel. View of the Spa.


Winter at the National Park of Ordesa.


Peracense Castle - Teruel.


Pineta, Huesca Pyrenees.


Rafting in Rio Gállego.


Mountain rescue.


Crystal Rosary. (Pilar festivities)


Charanga band at the Cathedral Square - Huesca


Mudejar St. Martin’s Tower - Teruel


Aerial photography of Zaragoza.


Panoramic view from the Water Tower - Zaragoza.


See complete Collection.


Virtual Reality

With the advent of devices like the Oculus Rift, among others, the feeling of being transported to a virtual and parallel world is complete. Thanks to the use of this type of devices we can fool the brain of the viewer completely. The sense of reality is such that when there are sudden movements in the action of the virtual World, it causes us strangeness that our guts don’t react to them as they should in the reality of our every day world.



  • Simulation activities for fair exhibits or theme parks
  • Simulation for the learning and training in the use of machinery, systems, processes
  • Pedagogy in museums
  • Recreation of art pieces
  • Recreation of ancient missing places
  • Virtual tours to emblematic places
  • Therapeutic uses

Mountain Rescue seen with the Oculus Rift


Web Development

  • Corporate websites
  • Virtual stores
  • Web applications
  • Intranet


Mobile apps Development

Freedom360 player

Spherical video viewer, developed for the creators of this type of videos. It allows you to show your own productions. You can add spherical video files (mpeg4 format, up to 1920x1080pixels) from an URL or using the functionality to share documents on iTunes. It comes with two examples by Ignacio Ferrando.


Mobile apps Development


360Plus is an application developed for iPad containing a collection of spherical photos made by the photographer Ignacio Ferrando, 1st prize winner in the 2011 edition of the prestigious Epson Pano Awards. In six categories, we present twentyfour spherical photographies, some of them really astonishing.


Mobile Apps Development

App for the College of Physiotherapists of Aragon

App for iOS and Android that allows you to search and locate on the map Physiotherapy centers in Aragón. The tool allows you to search by various criteria: postal code, name, user proximity, specialty.


Fast Marker

Marketing with wit


Zaragoza in the sixteenth Century Street view

Zaragoza s. XVI

Interactive version of the panoramic view of Zaragoza by Anton van den Wyngaerde, drawn in 1563. In this interactive version you can see on screen a high resolution image, with a finder of points of interest that can be recognized in the image.


Collection of Panoramic Views of the Pyrenees

Panoramicas del Pirineo

Our great experience in spherical photography and the knowledge of the Pyrenees, threw us along Beturian Ara editorial to the realization of a collection of panoramic photographies of the Pyrenees, which are available in poster format.



Abaco Digital is a Spain based private owned company, working in the IT field since 1998. Presently, we are focused mainly in web and app developement and cinematic VR (360 video and photography).

In the latter, we have a more than four year experience in international projects, and can assure thus a top notch quality in our productions




  • Technical Industrial Engineer by the University of Zaragoza
  • University diploma of Technology IT specialty by the University of Paris XIII
  • He has worked as a collaborator in different companies in the implementation of various multimedia projects, specializing in Virtual Reality techniques
  • He has taught at the Multimedia Postgraduate of the University of Zaragoza
  • He has numerous awards and recognitions in the field of Digital Photography


  • Diploma of Advanced Studies (D.E.A.) in Multimedia Communication by the University of Paris 8
  • Postgraduate in modern greek language and literature by the National University of Athens
  • Undergraduate Degree in Classical Philology by the University of Salamanca
  • Dedicated since 1992 to multimedia production
  • He has been associate professor of the Multimedia Service at the University of Zaragoza
  • He has collaborated as a guest teacher at several editions of the Master of GIS and Remote Sensing of the Department of Geography at the University of Zaragoza


  • Higher technician in visual arts and design, Illustration major
  • Grant from the European Social Fund and the City of Fuendetodos
  • Specialization Course: The Communication of the Digital Language. Technologies of Picture, Sound and Multimedia. Taught by University of Zaragoza
  • She has done a trainee job in the study "Future Space of Design" by Francisco Rallo
  • She has worked as a graphic designer in the Multimedia service of the University of Zaragoza
  • Since 2000 she works in Ábaco Digital


  • Technical Engineer in Computer Systems
  • Trainee at the Technological Institute of Aragón
  • Since 2000 he works in Ábaco Digital in the Department of Programming and Systems


  • Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad de Navarra
  • Has worked in documentaries in international productions
  • Since 2015 he works in Ábaco Digital as camera and editor of 360 Video


  • Higher technician in in film production, radio and television
  • He started in 2005 as a film producer working in the theatrical field and corporate events and festivals
  • He debuted as a filmmaker with the feature documentary film "The Children of Tomorrow" and moved to Kenya for three years where he made documentary pieces for institutions and NGOs
  • He collaborates with different directors in films, shortfilms and documentaries, which lead him to know all the processes of the audiovisual creation
  • Since 2011 he is focused on editing and video postproduction after completing his master in "Formats and digital TV programs" as well as other specific courses
  • Since July 2015 he works in Ábaco Digital as editor of 360 Video
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