QooCam 8K Enterprise Edition

QooCam 8K Enterprise Edition

1.899,00 IVA/TAX excl.

In-camera 8K 30FPS 360 Live Solution, no need for an expensive PC computer.



In-camera 8K 30FPS 360 Live Solution
1.5X sensor*, Max 150mbps bitrate, Super-high Resolution,Professional quality
5G Ethernet port allows easy connection with 5G network.
In-camera realtime live streaming, no need for an expensive PC computer.
Supporting rtmp, rtmps and rtsp
Start Streaming Automatically Once Plugged in, Easier to Remote Control
The camera will turn on and start live streaming once it is plugged in, and instantly stop when it is powered off, convenient for live streaming in scenic resorts, factories, outdoor, etc.
3.5mm Mic Port for Professional Audio
12-bit Raw Pictures & 10-bit Video*
Better image quality and more flexibility in post production
10bit video provides 4 times the color depth compared to 8bit video
12bit images contain image information 16 times compared to 8bit.


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